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X!Plate Software

X!Plate Software

For Space-Optimised Flexo Plates


X!Plate is used for efficient imaging of Flexo plates at the trade shop or integrated printer.

Flexo plates are supplied in standard formats, but jobs are printed in highly variable formats. The software optimises the use of plates and maximises productivity within the framework of production priorities.

X!Plate can be combined with the X!Cut software to provide a connection to a cutting plotter.

Main functions

The software automatically optimises all pending jobs on the CTP to the selected flexo plate size. The yield loss is minimised with constraints such as priorities, distance to the edge, the distance between files, and exclusion zones. Jobs can optionally be rotated to improve optimisation and a cut mask can also be added as an option. The constraints and therefore the results can be changed easily. 

X!Plate Software

Result of optimizing available jobs on a plate

Main benefits 

  • Plate management and optimisation of yield
  • Avoidance of potential errors with automation
  • Possibilities for connection to a cutting plotter (using X!Cut)