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X!Cut Software

For automatic cutting of Flexo plates

X!Cut is used to drive a cutter/plotter table and is suitable for processing output containing multiple jobs. The software provides several cutting styles and the printed identification of the parts to be cut. X!Cut requires the X!Plate option.

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X!Focus Software

For dynamic focus adjustment

The X!Focus software guarantees optimal exposure results even on uneven surfaces with a continuous dynamically regulated focus.

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X!Label Software

For automatic label printing

X!Label is a software extension for the output software PrintQ, which enables either manual or fully automatic printing of labels with information relevant to the job. The aim is to improve traceability and the flow of information from prepress through printing and to the storage of the printing form.

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X!Len2Tiff Software

Direct support for .len files

Simplified use of .len data.

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X!Map Software

For maximum accuracy

Image corrections within the plate can be measured and transferred to the machine as correction values. This means that the corrections can be automatically applied without the need for lengthy adjustment work.

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X!Mask Software

For improved mask ablation

Two well-known weaknesses of the Flexo printing process can be eliminated by X!Mask: Avoiding of hard edges and unsteady image with unsatisfactory color density in solid areas causing „pinholing“ or „mottling“.

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X!Plate Software

For space-optimised Flexo plates

X!Plate is used for efficient imaging of Flexo plates at the trade shop or integrated printer.

Flexo plates are supplied in standard formats, but jobs are printed in highly variable formats. The software optimises the use of plates and maximises productivity within the framework of production priorities.

X!Plate can be combined with the X!Cut software to provide a connection to a cutting plotter.

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X!Preview Software

The visualisation solution for bitmap data

It is important to be able to visualise and check the image data quickly and precisely because every pixel on the screen is reproduced 1:1 on the printing form.

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X!Rip Software

For special RIP requirements

X!Rip is useful where standard RIPs do not meet the special requirements. The software includes special features designed for gravure printing.

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X!Skip Software

For special RIP requirements to reduce the exposure time for negative or flexo plates

X!Skip speeds up the exposure time by skipping areas that do not have to be imaged. This is typically the case with flexo ablation plates and negatively reacting layers such as etch resist or negative offset plates.

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X!Direct Software

For relief printing plates of the highest quality

UV-sensitive, demanding letterpress forms should be able to be imaged in a controlled manner. X!Direct enables direct 3D imaging using UV lasers.

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X!Tend Software

For optimal image results when processing TIFF data

X!Tend improves the imaging results of screen emulsions, capillary film, and photoresists (positive or negative). The reproduction on the printing form should correspond exactly to the TIFF specification.

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