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X!Direct Software

X!Direct Software

For Relief Printing Plates of Highest Quality


UV-sensitive, demanding letterpress forms should be able to be imaged in a controlled manner. X!Direct enables direct 3D imaging using UV lasers.

Main functions

The UV laser hardens the material in-depth but offers no support for fine positive graphic elements. The software provides this support without damaging the intermediate depths. 

In zones requiring support, a selected amount of laser energy is delivered in a variable number of steps and sizes. The exposed area increases while the laser energy around the element to be supported decreases. This is shown below in grayscale.

The level of grey corresponds to the level of energy. More energy is delivered close to the element, gradually reducing in the surrounding area.

X!Direct Software
X!Direct Software

3D Pictures of plates 133 lpi

X!Direct Software

Flexo 1%

X!Direct Software

Flexo 50%

X!Direct Software

Flexo 80%

Main Benefits 

  • Universal imaging technology
  • Broad-spectrum of products and processes covered
  • Purely digital process without LAMS layer, eliminating one process step
  • No LAMS related issues
  • Integrated software parameters for optimal imaging 
  • Most energy-efficient imaging process