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XPose Flexline

XPose! FlexLine

XPose! FlexLine

The Revolution in Digital Flexo Plate Making

XPose Hybrid, Application

Built to Meet the Highest Requirements
in Flexo Printing

New Standard in
Flexo Plate Making

  • Easiest plate handling
  • Plate material is static
  • No tension rail or taping necessary
  • No dependence on formats
  • Standard dual resolution of 2540 and 5080 dpi
  • Full High Definition at 5080 dpi generates 40% more pixels
  • No loss of speed at Full High Definition
  • Lowest maintenance cost

New Standard in Flexo Plate Making

More than 70 years of experience in machine construction and in the graphic industry have been brought into the design XPose! FlexLine. Precision engineering combined with state of the art laser technology with fiber-coupled laser diodes stands for the highest reliability in plate making and lowest cost in maintenance and operation of the equipment.

  • fleXtreme! optic for multiple resolutions up to 5080 dpi
  • Highest output standard in industrial applications with up to 4-5m2/h (43.1 - 53.8 ft2/h)*
  • No loss of speed with any plate thickness up to 6.35 mm
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Not depending on particular formats
  • Fully automatic calibration during exposure
  • Also suitable for letterpress / dry offset plates

*depending on plate material used

XPose Flexline, Product Brochure

Easiest Handling and Highest Productivity

The unique patented combination of inside and outside drum technology allows easy and quick operating. There is no need for tension rails or time-consuming taping of the plates onto the drum since the plates in any size or thickness are static.  Even printing plates of 50 x 80 inches can easily be loaded or unloaded by the operator.

XPose! FlexLine guarantees the highest productivity. The output speed is constant, regardless of whether you expose 1.14 mm (0.045 inches) or 6.35mm (0.250 inches) plates and regardless of the resolution, be it 2540dpi or Full HD 5080 dpi.

XPose Flexline, Application

The Revolution in Digital Flexo Plate Making

Easiest Handling and Highest Productivity

Full HD Flexo Included

The standard equipment includes a dual optic system. XPose! FlexLine enables the user to make exposures in full HD with 5080 dpi or with standard resolution 2540 dpi by a simple click of a button - XPose! FlexLine makes things easy for you. Other resolutions are available upon special request, i.e. 2400/4800 dpi as dual optic or 4000 dpi as single optic are optionally available without extra charge.

X!Mask for Outstanding Quality

The X!Mask Software developed by Lüscher Technologies AG automatically recognizes surfaces or small dots or lines. It fully automatically generates structures or microcells on the surfaces and thus allows higher density values in solid prints. The operator is free to configure both the shape and size of the microcells. Highlight dots as well as fine lines can be identified by the software and are automatically assigned broad shoulders. The software is independent of the RIP and runs fully automatically on the output computer.

Fully Automatic and Continuous Calibration

XPose! FlexLine includes the unique Continuous Calibration Technology (CCT). During the exposure, the performance of every laser is monitored and automatically adjusted if necessary. Costly inappropriate exposures can thus be eliminated.

Fiber-coupled Laser Diodes

XPose! FlexLine is equipped with fiber-coupled infrared laser diodes with extremely long service life. They guarantee up to 15’000 exposure hours and provide the highest production reliability. The performance of the laser diodes is permanently monitored and the user is automatically notified, should there be any drop in performance. If a laser diode fails, it can be replaced very easily.

fleXtreme! Optic for multiple resolutions

The fleXtreme! optic is an in-house development by Lüscher and allows the selection of any desired resolution. The changeover is fully automatic and tailored to requirements. This means that every job could be exposed to any resolution. 

XPose Flexline, Application
XPose!, Application Two
XPose Flexline, Application

Technical Specifications


FlexLine 330L

FlexLine 360L


5080 dpi

5080 dpi


Optic for multiple resolution up to 5080 dpi

Optic for multiple resolution up to 5080 dpi

Laser type

TH, 940 nm

TH, 940 nm

Number of lasers

48, 64

48, 64


4-5m2/h (43.1-53.8 ft2/h)

4-5m2/h (43.1-53.8 ft2/h)

Max. plate size

42 x 60 inch (1067 x 1524 mm)

50 x 80 inch (1270 x 2032 mm)

Max. plate thickness

6.35 mm (1/4 inch)

6.35 mm (1/4 inch)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

3406 x 1367 x 1640 mm (135 x 53.9 x 64.4 inch)

4647 x 1565 x 1900 mm (183 x 61.7 x 74.8 inch)

Power consumption Ø

2 kW

2.5 kW


2400 kgs (5291 lbs)

3800 kgs (8378 lbs)

Power supply

3 x 400 V + N + PE, 50 – 60 Hz, 32 A


Air supply

6 – 10 bar, 300 l/min (66 gal./min)


Ambient conditions

50 – 65% humidity at 18 – 25 °C (64.4 - 77ºF)