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X!Tend Software

X!Tend Software

For Optimal Image Results when 
Processing TIFF Data 


X!Tend improves the imaging results of screen emulsions, capillary film, and photoresists (positive or negative). The reproduction on the printing form should correspond exactly to the TIFF specification.

Main functions 

The software adjusts the size of all graphic elements to compensate for light diffusion, diffraction, and other physical phenomena and to bring them into line with the TIFF input. The data conversion process runs during the exposure and therefore has no effect on the productivity of the machine.

The X!Tend settings are resolution independent and therefore finer at higher resolutions. The settings for each axis can be varied if required.

Both curved and linear shape distortions of flat screens caused by the doctor blade and the ink viscosity during printing can thus be compensated during the exposure.

X!Tend Software

5 dot text imaged without X!Tend

X!Tend Software

With X!Tend-emulsion for high-end graphics

Main benefits 

  • Exact reproduction of graphic elements for emulsions and photoresist plates
  • Extending the imaging range to smaller elements
  • Adapting of image shape and size to the constraints of the printing process
  • Data adjustment performed on the fly with no loss of productivity