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JetScreen LT Round

JetScreen! CS

JetScreen! LT round

Direct Exposure System for Rotary Screens

JetScreen! DX round, Application

Modular Design

Competitive and Economical

Advantages of the JetScreen! LT round

  • RESOLUTION OF 1`200 DPI OR 2`400 DPI


UV Laser Diode Technology

The fibre-optic coupled laser diodes operate in the 405 nm range and boast an ultra-long service life of +20’000 exposing hours. They are completely maintenance-free and do not require any active cooling system.

High Performance Reserves

The laser diodes have a high-power capacity, so their energy can be adapted to the requirements of every emulsion. There is no need for high speed CtS emulsions: Any standard emulsion can be exposed and cured by JetScreen ! LT round.

Fully Automatic Calibration

Prior to every exposure, the system checks the default laser diodes settings relating to the emulsion to be exposed and automatically checks and calibrates the laser diode if necessary. This guarantees consistent quality and eliminates exposure errors.

Virtually Maintenance-free

JetScreen! LT round does not require any consumables such as MH lamps / UV lamps / LED’s or DMD chip. Lüscher maintenance software guides the operator through the simple maintenance tasks and guarantees high reliability. JetScreen! LT round is equipped with a port for Remote Support Service, which can be directly linked to our technical support via internet.

Lowest Energy Consumption

Lüscher’s unique laser diode technology guarantees extremely low power consumption of 0.5 kW and lowest cost of ownership. This helps the customer to achieve environmental-friendly production.

Modular Design

The direct exposure system is modular and may be tailored to the requirements and special requests of the customer. The standard configuration includes one 1’200 dpi setting head with 16 individually controllable laser diodes.

Screen Exposing in Less Than 5 Minutes

Depending on the laser diode configuration, JetScreen! LT round exposes a screen coated with a standard emulsion, a repeat of 640 mm and a length of 2’200 mm in less than 5 minutes.


JetScreen! LT round Product Brochure

JetScreen! DX round, Application
JetScreen DX round, Application
JetScreen! DX round, Application

Technical Specifications


LT round 22

LT round 35

Maximum screen length

2`200 mm (86.6 inch)

3`500 mm (137.8 inch)

Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)

3`980 x 1`110 x 1`280 / 2`000 mm

156.7 x 43.7 x 50.4 / 78.4 inch)

5`370 x 1`110 x 1`280 / 2`000 mm 

211.4 x 43.7 x 59.4 / 78.7 inch)


2`000 kgs (4`409 lbs)

2`200 kgs (4`850 lbs)





640, 725, 820, 914, 1`018 mm


1`200 dpi

Resolution optional

2`400 dpi

Laser diode type

UV, 405 nm

Number of laser diodes

16 / 32

Power supply

3 x 400 V + N + P, 32 A, 50 – 60 Hz

Power consumption 

0.5 kW


Ambient conditions

50 - 65% humidity at 18 - 25° C (64.4 - 77° F)


Ambient conditions

Yellow light required, 50 – 60% humidity at 18 – 25°C