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JetScreen LT Round

JetScreen! CS

JetScreen! LT round

Direct Exposure System

JetScreen! DX round, Application

Modular Design

Competitive and Economical

Direct Exposure

JetScreen! LT round uses long-lasting, state-of-the-art laser diodes to cut off the time it takes to produce high-quality rotary screens with a maximum length of 3500 mm. The laser diodes allow tremendous time savings since they expose screens at a higher resolution and up to three times faster than with today's inkjet liquid wax technologies. With JetScreen! LT round, no consumables are required, which makes the overall screen making the process cheaper and more efficient.

  • No consumables
  • Sets new standards in quality and speed
  • All standard repeats available
  • Exposure in less than 10 minutes
  • Resolution 1200 dpi

JetScreen! LT round, Product-Brochure

Modular Design

The direct exposure system is modular and may be tailored to the requirements and special requests of the customer. The standard configuration includes one 1200 dpi setting head with 16 individually controllable laser diodes.

With the standard configuration, JetScreen! LT round exposes a screen coated with a standard emulsion, a repeat of 640 mm, and a length of 2200 mm in less than 10 minutes. With the 32 laser diode option, the exposing time.


As an option, a 2400 dpi resolution is available and more laser diodes can be added at any time.

JetScreen! DX round, Application
JetScreen DX round, Application
JetScreen! DX round, Application

Technical Specifications


LT 22 round

LT 35 round

Maximum screen length

2200 mm

3500 mm


640, 820, 914, 1018 mm


Direct exposure with 405 nm UV laser diodes. Laser beam
transmitted directly through glass fibers and a short optical lens System.


1200 dpi

Tolerance repeat

+/– 0.02 mm

Number of laser diodes

16 or 32


Optical data interface

Integrated output station


Focus control

Laser sensor controlled

Data format

1 Bit Tiff, 8 Bit Tiff

Power supply

3 x 400 V + N + P, 32 A, 50 – 60 Hz

Dimensions (L x W x H)

3980 x 1110 x 1280 / 2000 mm

5370 x 1110 x 1280 / 2000 mm


2000 kgs

2200 kgs

Ambient conditions

Yellow light required, 50 – 60% humidity at 18 – 25°C