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The All-Rounder for High Demands

MultiDX!, Application

One for All

The Universal Flatbed Imagesetter

New Layout

With MultiDX! 320 and 340 we have enhanced and equipped our flatbed imagesetter with state-of-the-art technology. The most important feature of the new layout is the fact that the MultiDX! 320 can be equipped with twice the amount of lasers.

  • Easiest handling of material
  • Customized machine configuration
  • Screen outside format up to 1’500 x 1’450 mm
  • Material thickness up to 70mm
  • Optional dynamic autofocus system
  • Resolutions between 2’400 and 10’160dpi
  • Switching of Laser source by the push of a button
  • Low maintenance cost
  • The only all in one system worldwide

Maximum Productivity

Due to its flatbed layout, almost any flexible and inflexible printing form can be imaged in the highest quality at a resolution of up to 10’160 dpi. And doubling the number of lasers means increasing productivity by 100%.

Steady Exposure Quality

Prior to every exposure, a laser sensor checks all lasers and readjusts them if necessary. This guarantees an absolutely steady quality during the entire exposure. And prior to every exposure, the dynamic autofocus system compensates for any unevenness of the plate material during the exposure by measuring the plate material and by calibrating the optics accordingly.

Low Power Consumption

The revised control System makes operating easier and more user-friendly. And last but not least: the average power consumption has come down to less than 1 kWh.

MultiDX! Application
MultiDX! Application
MultiDX! Application

Unique Hybrid Technology

In a number of fields, such as the label printing industry, a combination of different printing methods using various printing forms is being applied. Traditionally, at least two different CtP systems would be necessary to meet this requirement. MultiDX! with its hybrid Technology combines two laser Technologies with variable wavelengths (e.g. 405 nm UV and 940 nm IR) allowing any printing form to be exposed in one machine. Offset plates, flexo and letterpress plates, and printing screens can now be processed in the same printing press (Gallus, Mark Any, Nilpeter, and others). Switching between the wavelengths is made by a simple click of a button. Nothing could be easier.

Label Printing

Using the hybrid technology, MultiDX! can Image any Kind of printing form in one machine: flexo, letterpress and offset plates as well as flat or rotary screens (Gallus, Tecno Screen® by Kocker + Beck or Stork RotaPlate®). The integrated Dual Resolution Optics with 2’540 and 5’080 dpi also covers Full HD Flexo printing.

Embossing with Copper and Magnesium Cliches

Copper or magnesium cliches for embossing in any thickness can be exposed with UV lasers (etch resist) with ultimate precision.

Flat and Rotary Screen Printing

Flat or rotary screens are exposed easily and at the highest precision with UV lasers. Any common steel or Polyester mesh can be processed. And at all times, the machine has enough power capacity to cure thick layers to allow Trouble-free printing.

Printing on Cans, Cups, and Tubes

Various printing forms for almost any printing method using cylindrical shapes can be Images: waterless Offset printing plates, flexo, and letterpress plates well as flat or rotary printing screens.

Pad Printing

Steel or polymer cliches for pad printing can be processed by MultiDX! in any thickness. The printing form is either exposed with UV lasers (etch resist) or bolted with infrared lasers (polymer) at the highest precision.

Industrial Printing

For industrial printing, MultiDX! 320 and 340 can be equipped with optics at a resolution of up to 10’160 dpi, also in dual resolution if requested. Printing screens or flexo printing plates with lines of up to 20 microns can be produced at ease.

MultiDX! Application

Laser Combinations

Upgrade Anytime

A Milestone in Imaging Technology

Lüscher is the first manufacturer worldwide to have developed an imagesetter combining two different types of lasers in one machine.  Whether thermally crosslinking polymers, polymers with ablative layers (LAMS), UV photosensitive emulsions, or UV crosslinking polymers are in use: MultiDX! Is equipped with fiber-coupled laser diodes in the required wavelength (nm). The number of laser diodes depends on the exposure performance required by the customer. An on-site upgrade to increase the output performance can be made anytime.

Universal Direct Imaging

Printing forms with steel, aluminum, or polyester bases can be imaged in any size, shape, and thickness. The printing form remains static during the exposure. For this reason, balancing problems as they may occur with external drum systems as far as variable thickness and size are concerned, are no longer an issue with MultiDX!.

Custom-built Registering System

The flatbed layout of MultiDX! allows the integration of custom-built registering systems for perfect alignment of the image on the printing form. As a result, the set-up time in the printing press is substantially reduced, which leads to significant savings in terms of material and cost.

MultiDX! Product Brochure

Technical Specifications*

*Please find all other Technical Specifications in our product brochure

General Information

MultiDX! 320

MultiDX! 340

MultiDX! 340L

Maximum exposure area

900 x 610 mm

1300 x 1100 mm

1440 x 1320 mm

Maximum outside Format of Screen frame

1000 x 1000 mm

1300 x 1100 mm

1500 x 1450 mm

Resolution in dpi

1200 / 2400 / 2540 / 4800 / 5080 / 9600 / 10’160 dpi

1200 / 2400 / 2540 / 4800 / 5080 dpi

1200 / 2400 / 2540 / 4800 / 5080 dpi

Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm

1994 x 1609 x 1378 mm

3178 x 2169 x 1487 mm

3178 x 2169 x 1487 mm


750 kgs

1950 kgs

2000 kgs

Power consumption

approx. 0.5 / 0.8 kWh with exhaust

approx. 0.5 / 0.8 kWh with exhaust

approx. 0.5 / 0.8 kWh with exhaust

Power supply

230 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 16 A

230 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 16 A

230 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 16 A

Ambient conditions

50 – 65% humidity at 18 – 25°C (64,4 – 77°F)