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X!Label Software

X!Label Software

For Automatic Label Printing


X!Label is a software extension for the output software PrintQ, which enables either manual or fully automatic printing of labels with information relevant to the job.

The aim is to improve traceability and the flow of information from prepress through printing and to the storage of the printing form. 

Main functions

The output software PrintQ is able to extract information from the file name and path of the TIFF file and to print it automatically on any label printer. In addition, other data such as imaging date, time, format, media type, colour, and much more can be printed on the label as text or barcode. If required, additional information can also be added manually before printing.

The layout of the labels can be freely defined. Position, size, font, and even the background image can be adjusted to customer requirements.

Any number of labels can be defined, for example, to represent different customers and their requirements. For each queue defined in PrintQ, a label can be assigned.

The only requirement for the label printer is that it is recognized by Windows on the output computer and can be addressed.

X!Label Software
X!Label Software

Main benefits

  • Improve traceability of printing forms
  • Clear recognition of the printing forms
  • More security in production