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14 September 2023

Fujifilm Announces Partnership with Lüscher Technologies to Supply CTP Devices

The deal will bring significant additional benefits to Fujifilm flexo customers


08 December 2022

Lüscher invites SPW to new product launch

Specialist Printing Worldwide Issue 4.2022


15 August 2022

Lüscher lets you have it your way

Packaging MEA July 2022

Stefan Thulin, Vice President of Sales, tells Packaging MEA why Lüscher`s new imaging line offers the prefect combination of quality and flexibility as the transition to flexo gathers place



18 July 2022

Analog war gestern

SIP 4.2022

Hoffmann + Krippner hat seine Siebbelichtung von analog auf elektronisch umgestellt. Ein Interview mit Eberhard Heck




10 May 2022

Flottmann`s New CtS Fleet enhances Stencil Production

Specialist Printing Worldwide 02/2022

Jörn Flottmann about the computer-to-screen market and the new Lüscher exposure system that his company installed early last year



14 March 2022

Im richtigen Licht

SIP 02/2022

Mit CtS-Anlagen das Belichten im Mikrometerbereich erleichtern



28 February 2022


Specialist Printing Worldwide 01/2022

Increasing demand for screen-printed electronics with minute structures requires highly accurate, repeatable exposure. Urs Bachofner explains how CTS technology can ensure stable, precise and consistens screen prroduction.



17 January 2022

Lüscher Technologies AG an der InPrint 2022 in München

An der InPrint Munich 2022 wird Lüscher die einzigartige MultiDX! 320 Computer-to-Screen & Computer-to-Plate-Anlage in der Halle A4 / Stand 2760 vorführen.



19 January 2022

Flottmanns neue CtS-Flotte

SIP 01/22

Im Gespräch mit Jörn Flottmann über den Computer-to-Screen-Markt und die Installation einer neuen Belichtungsanlage von Lüscher. 


30 June 2020

Computer-to-screen in the Glass Industry

Glass Worldwide July/August 2020

Urs Bachofner highlights the latest computer-to-screen developments from Lüscher Technologies to support the decoration of flat and hollow glass.


6 May 2020


Specialist Printing Worldwide: Issue 2, 2020

Gérard Rich delves into computer-to-plate imaging technology and offers advice on choosing the right CTP system to meet all your needs.


10 January 2020

Joh. Sprinz Grünkraut (D)

Installation of the new XXL JetScreen! LT 55/32

In the year 2000, Joh. Sprinz decided to invest in computer-to-screen technology. The decision fell on a JetScreen made by Lüscher. After 19 years of nearly trouble-free production with this system, Joh. Sprinz decided to acquire another Lüscher system. Finally mid-December 2019, JetScreen! LT, weighing an impressive 7.5 tons, was installed in the Grünkraut plant.


22 October 2019

Press Release

For INRPINT 2019

After the first successful installations of the new JetScreen! LT in Germany and Switzerland, Lüscher Technologies AG is expanding its range of products with JetScreen! LT 55/32, designed for a maximum frame format of 5500 x 3200 mm.