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X!Cut Software

X!Cut Software

For Automatic Cutting of Flexo Plates


X!Cut is used to drive a cutter/plotter table and is suitable for processing output containing multiple jobs. The software provides several cutting styles and the printed identification of the parts to be cut. X!Cut requires the X!Plate option.

Main functions

The connection to a cutter/plotter table is a professional addition to X!Plate. It helps to save costs, to avoid errors, and facilitates plate mounting. Two or four registration marks can be used to get cutting accuracy. Cutting from the front and back sides as options.

Bevel and straight cut, double cut, and middle-out cuts are provided as standard. Identification of parts to be cut can be included on the backside.

X!Cut Software

Preview of a cutting job

X!Cut Software

Plotter / cutter in action

Main benefits 

  • Professional identification and cutting of finished Flexo plates
  • Cost savings and avoidance of errors
  • Added-value of bevel cut
  • Accuracy and simplification of plate mounting