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X!Rip Software

X!Rip Software

For Special RIP Requirements


X!Rip is useful where standard RIPs do not meet the special requirements. The software includes special features designed for gravure printing.

Main functions

One of the highlights is the software’s ability to generate «seamless» output as used in textile printing as well as in gravure and flexo printing.

X!Rip supports raster forms specifically designed for gravure printing, such as hexagonal dots, and it also includes features for outline and gutter generation. For solid surfaces, custom raster forms can be created by the user allowing the control of multiple factors including the angle and the amount of cushioning between cells.

X!Rip Software

a) User interface for raster settings   b) Raster editor to create custom raster forms

Main benefits 

  • Ripping of data formats such as PDF, PS, TIFF in high resolution to 1Bit TIFF
  • Supporting all common raster dots
  • Various raster settings, depending on the tone value
  • Automatic processing with hot folder technology
  • Including X!Preview to visualize the ripped data